stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs


Veloura Caywood thrives in a tiny strip of land wedged between Lansing and East Lansing called simply "Lansing Township." She is a township kind of person. Kins is her third (and some might say GREATEST) album and was completed in 2006.

kins it is

Maximum Level Heartarches


Breathing Alone

What Do I Do

I'm the Wolfman

Worked Down

Feel a Whistper


While I Still Can

I Mean Love

I Love Yer Lil' Butt

I am Never in Silence

Lonely is a Word

My Mmmmind

Closer Away

Can't Get Much Quieter

You Don't Know and I Won't Tell

Not Tired


Another Dimention


cruisin' in ATL


closer away
this keeps them seperate

buy it!

get out!
don't  be bashful